OCE Accreditation

We Tick All The Boxes

With over a quarter of a century of cleaning experience under our belts, OCE Corporate Cleaning is one of the most innovative and experienced cleaning companies in Australia. Our cleaners are all fully trained to health and safety standards, and are aware of hazard reporting and maintenance procedures. OCE is accredited to 4 standards including safety, environmental management and quality management. Your Safety Officer can relax in the knowledge that we train our staff to the AS/NZS 4801 safety standard and ISO 18001 international safety standard.


Environment ISO 14001

Cleaning with ozone is “beyond green.” Ozone - or 03 - is harmless to the waterways; you can bathe in it (it is used to sanitise Olympic swimming pools) and it is a general maintenance cleaner that can replace almost any cleaning agent.

03 is simply 02 with one extra atom and the Tersano ozone machine replicates what happens naturally in the sky when rain and thunder interact by injecting around four thousand of volts into mains tap water and then stabilising the ozone for 24 hours.

OCE is accredited to ISO 14001 and we have set a target yearly for using more Tersano ozone by the litre produced thus sustainably reducing our chemical use.

Health & Safety OHSAS 18001

The health and safety of our staff is extremely important at OCE. We have implemented a strong occupational health and safety management system that ensures the minimisation of risks.

OCE run special team inductions at our warehouse in safety and hygiene in addition to customer's own in-house OH&S inductions (if applicable).

Our cleaners have all received training in safety and have copies of the OCE safety handbook (copyright) and an OCE training handbook (copyright) for reference.

Quality ISO 9001

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems certification demonstrates OCE's commitment to delivering excellent customer experience, engaged management of our staff through active participation and communication, and our priority to implement effective risk management strategies.

We are audited annually for quality assurance purposes and run our business according to our established performance and management systems.