Bio Hazard Cleaning

We are the top bio-hazard cleaner in WA, using advanced sterile cleaning techniques for infection control.

For certain bio-hazards, cleaners dress in full personal protective clothing and use special anti-viral chemical sprays and spill kits. There is a colour coded protocol for mops and mop buckets to prevent cross contamination and to ensure infection control for discrete areas such as cells, washrooms, public areas, vinyl covered mattresses, walls and ceilings.

We deal with more serious bio-hazards daily than any other cleaner in Perth. Special cleaning protocols and chemicals are used for blood clean-ups. We use spill kits, including spill mats to soak up the liquid.

We have dealt with scabies and performed infectious disease control for outbreaks of golden staph. These involve a disinfection protocol for every flat and vertical surface.

In addition to contracted cleaning services, OCE offers a range of ancillary cleaning and maintenance services. Contact OCE and view the information below to see how we can help you with all your commercial, corporate and industrial cleaning needs.

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Industrial Steam Cleaning

OCE can supply powerful truck mounted equipment which deploys 4000 psi of pressure at near boiling point. This easily cleans up (in fact melts) chewing gum on concrete and dissolves and emulsifies grease, oil and dirt.

This rig can be used to clean large car parks, concrete verandas, parking lots and driveways. It is suitable for large area cleaning with extensive verandas.

The rig is supplied by Pumps Australia and was custom built for our company and is maintained and serviced by them.

A further technical advantage to this rig is its separate steam machine which is useful for melting body fat and grease quickly. This is a mobile unit which can be wheeled off the rig and used indoors. It has application for builders cleans and for sanitising areas where bacteria need to be completely removed such as hospitals and bio hazard areas.