Corporate Cleaning
and Office Cleaning

Corporate Cleaning and Office Cleaning

OCE stands for “Office Cleaning Experts,” the trading name we started with 25 years ago. Whilst we now clean almost any type of facility there is no doubt that our greatest experience is in delivering top quality office cleaning services.

We find that the trick to pleasing customers is to be responsive to each client’s particular needs such as: cleaning at the optimum time to suit their business tempo; being helpful about cleaning up after staff parties and boardroom receptions; noting all the peculiarities of the site in our customised communication book; employing special techniques to remove washroom smells especially around urinals.

And we can offer many add-ons: carpet cleaning; window cleaning; hard floor treatments almost any office cleaning service you can think of including “Mouse” our computer and keyboard cleaning service.

But most of all we are highly responsive…our company vision is ot be “the most responsive cleaning company in WA.” If you have an emergency like a spill or an accident in the washroom we will get there quickly and fix it for you.

OCE is accredited to 4 standards including safety, environmental management and quality management. Your Safety Officer can relax in the knowledge that we train our staff to the AS/NZS 4801 safety standard and ISO 18001 international safety standard.

In addition to contracted cleaning services, OCE offers a range of ancillary cleaning and maintenance services. Contact OCE and view the information below to see how we can help you with all your commercial, corporate and industrial cleaning needs.

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Commercial and Industrial Carpet Cleaning
OCE runs a team of professional carpet cleaners with vast experience in all types of carpet cleaning including carpet restoration, hot water extraction cleaning (or “steam cleaning”) dry cleaning and bonnet cleaning. The team regularly cleans upholstery and any type of carpet fabric from flotex to wool, nylon, carpet tiles and wool mixes. We use only bio-degradable carpet detergent. We use many machines from powerful mobile cleaning machines with twin vacuums for greater “suck,” air movers, dehumidifiers, truck mounted machines with powerful engines. We always inspect the work after the job has been completed. Carpets are left almost dry at the end of the job, and are completely ready for the following morning’s use.
Microbe Detection Services
OCE is one of the few companies that actually takes swabs on its regular cleaning inspections of schools, factories and offices – in fact any public facility. The swabs change colour when exposed to bacteria and this tells us whether the cleaning is effective especially useful in showers and washrooms. We also have sophisticated hand held equipment from the US which can track and detect certain types of microbe using bio-lumination technology. This includes listeria and E-coli.
Commercial Window Cleaning
We can do it all for you: abseiling, de-ionised work using specially filtered, de-mineralised water that won’t streak or regular squeegee work. We have an in-house team of 4 who can do any job, however hard to reach, however high. Access equipment used ranges from booms, to elevated platforms and “cherry pickers.” Safety is our first priority with window cleaning and you can rely on OCE to use the safest method available. When we abseil, the gear is all checked by our Safety Officer including, ropes, bosun’s chair, harness: we maintain a 100% hooked-up regime at all times. Our safety record is exceptional by industry standards. Our abseilers all have current operating licenses and we record the renewal dates on our “smart sheet” operating software.
Commercial Floor Cleaning
OCE runs a team of 6 for periodical and project work. This specialist project team can tackle any hard floor project for any type of surface be it vinyl, timber, cork or tile or concrete. The team can also tackle any area of carpet using any cleaning method (bonnet, steam, dry, powder). Upholstery cleaning, water damage restoration, rug cleaning: these are all daily tasks for this team which cleans about 400,000 sqms of carpet annually, several thousand sofas and chairs and which machine scrubs thousands of square metres of hard floor using a range of equipment from Tennant to Mirage and Ghibli auto scrubbers…..