School Cleaning

We have cleaned schools for over a decade and know the procedure very well: we cater for the variation in schedules caused by PTA meetings and performing arts events and work round these all the time.

We have very substantial experience in cleaning indoor recreation facilities with basketball courts and we use the latest Tennant auto-scrubbing machines to cover very large areas. Our knowledge of public facilities and the cleaning problems that arise in them spans 20 years. We have many ways that we can deal with scum build up on shower walls and floors including a powerful steam cleaning machine that simply melts the body fat. During the holiday period we know all the periodical work that has to be performed including high access window cleaning and deep cleaning of toilets and kitchens.

We use a leading oven cleaning company to clean ovens properly in domestic science blocks and we have many specialist contractors who can help us with such tasks as abseiling and gutter cleaning.

In addition to contracted cleaning services, OCE offers a range of ancillary cleaning and maintenance services. Contact OCE and view the information below to see how we can help you with all your commercial, corporate and industrial cleaning needs.

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Microbe Detection Services
OCE is one of the few companies that actually takes swabs on its regular cleaning inspections of schools, factories and offices – in fact any public facility. The swabs change colour when exposed to bacteria and this tells us whether the cleaning is effective especially useful in showers and washrooms.We also have sophisticated hand held equipment from the US which can track and detect certain types of microbe using bio-lumination technology. This includes listeria and E-coli.
Eco Cleaning and ISO 14001

Cleaning with ozone is “beyond green.” Ozone - or O3 - is harmless to the waterways; you can bathe in it (it is used to sanitise Olympic swimming pools) and it is a general maintenance cleaner that can replace almost any cleaning agent. You can use it in the tank of a carpet cleaning machine, in an auto-scrubber, a mop bucket or as a spray wipe or even to squeejee with. But the really magical selling point about O3 is that it obliterates microbes much faster than bleach and with the same effectiveness. A superb germ assassin it is actually attracted to bacteria. O3 is simply O2 with one extra atom and the Tersano ozone machine replicates what happens naturally in the sky when rain and thunder interact by injecting around four thousand of volts into mains tap water and then stabilising the ozone for 24 hours. There is no a machine for smaller sites at much lower cost than the industrial version which opens up a whole new market for its use and application, especially in laboratories and science and domestic blocks in schools. OCE is accredited to ISO 14001 and we have set a target yearly for using more Tersano ozone by the litre produced thus reducing our chemical use very substantially.

Commercial Floor Cleaning
OCE runs a team of 6 for periodical and project work. This specialist project team can tackle any hard floor project for any type of surface be it vinyl, timber, cork or tile or concrete.The team can also tackle any area of carpet using any cleaning method (bonnet, steam, dry, powder). Upholstery cleaning, water damage restoration, rug cleaning: these are all daily tasks for this team which cleans about 400,000 sqms of carpet annually, several thousand sofas and chairs and which machine scrubs thousands of square metres of hard floor using a range of equipment from Tennant to Mirage and Ghibli auto scrubbers…..